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Does Reinfeldt Know What Day It Is?

It seems that the Titans aren't making that many phone calls yet.  That is a little disturbing considering that free agency begins in less than 3 days.  The agents for Bobby Wade and Robaire Smith have not even heard from the Titans, according to this morning's City Paper.  I am not sure what they are waiting on.  I would like to see both of those players back, especially Wade.  Bennett is set to test the free agent waters, and I think some team will offer him a lot of money because he is the best available receiver.  It is good to be a big fish in a small pond.  If Bennett and Wade both leave, the Titans will only have one receiver, Brandon Jones, who has proven himself in the NFL when the 2007 season begins.

Terry McCormick also mentions that talks with Travis Henry's agent have begun.  Henry is due an $8 million roster bonus on March 5th.  The Titans are not going to pay that bonus.  Hopefully they will be able to reneogiate before then.  If they can't, Henry could be released.  Are you ready to count on LenDale White?  I am not, and I don't think the Titans are either.  They will get a deal done before the 5th.