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Interview with Terry McCormick

I sent Terry McCormick of The Nasvhille City Paper some questions about Adam Jones and the draft: (Note: The questions were sent first thing yesterday morning before Fisher had made his statement.)

What will it take for the Titans to just flat out cut Pacman?

They'll take a major cap hit, but I think for them to just release him, there would have to be serious evidence and charges filed against him. As bad as it is, he might yet get another free pass if he isn't charged with anything or convicted.

When do you think the Titans organization will comment on it?

Fisher made a statement here at the Combine, but said basically that they can't comment until the police complete their investigation.

Have you had a chance to talk with Jeff Fisher at all since you have been up there?

Yes, I spoke with him today at the Combine, but not one-on-one.

Do you think there is any truth to the rumor about Pacman hiring Rosehaus?

No, Rosenhaus flat out denied it. He might have had some interest before this Vegas thing, but probably not now.

Are the Titans looking harder at the corners available in this draft than they were a week ago?

Fisher says they always look to draft corners, but I've got to believe it's zoomed way up on the priority list either via the draft or free agency.

What is your gut feeling on where the Titans are going to go with the #19 pick?  

Best player available. Their obvious needs are at WR, DE and CB

Since the Titans have so many picks in this draft, do you think they would try and trade up in the draft if there is a guy they fall in love with this week?

It's possible. They havent' done a lot of that in the past, but Reinfeldt might have a different philosophy than Floyd did.

So it seems the consensus across the board is the Titans aren't going to cut Jones unless charges are filed.  That is not really surprising to me.  I do wonder if trading is a possibility at this point.

I really appreciate Terry taking the time to do this while he is really busy with the Combine and everything else.