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What Cutting Pacman Would Cost

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Hopefully, this will be the last post I do on Adam Jones for at least a few days.  The combine is going on, and we will get to some stuff that is going on there later today.

Jim Wyatt has the number we have all been wondering about.  It would be a $5.4 million dollar hit against the cap if the Titans were to cut or trade Jones.  While that number would seem manageable in a year where the Titans have $36 million in cap space, the reality is that would still be a huge dent.  No team wants to have $5.4 million in what is known as "dead money."  Dead money means you have money that counts against your cap that you aren't getting anything for.  There is no way the Titans will just cut him.  They might look to trade him because then they would get at least a draft pick for the $5.4 million.  I really don't think the Titans will do anything until the investigation of the LVPD runs its course.  

A reporter from WKRN caught up with Fisher at the combine last night.  Fisher refused to make any comment on the situation, but you could tell he was extremely annoyed.  At some point the organization will comment on the situation, but it will not be until they think all of the details have been discovered.

Check out this from portion on Terry McCormick's article this morning:

On Thursday, NFL Films contacted WSMV Channel 4 in Nashville, requesting footage of Jones' off the field incidents. The footage will be used at training camps to show NFL players how not to conduct themselves.

So the Titans now have the poster child for what not to do.  Awesome!!

Another interesting nugget from the same article:

A rumor made its way around the NFL Combine here Thursday that Jones was going to hire superagent Drew Rosenhaus to represent him. Jones, according to NFLPA officials, fired Michael Huyghue on Feb. 3, a charge Huyghue denied.

Rosenhaus, when asked if he had been hired or was about to be hired as Jones' representative, said emphatically, "No."

The last thing the Titans need is to add Rosenhas to this circus.

Jones has also retained Manny Arora, an attorney for Garland, Samuel & Loeb, P.C. of Atlanta.  This is the same law firm that represented Ray Lewis when he was involved in a murder investigation.

I never thought I would want Lewis, who has proclaimed himself "God's Linebacker", to reach out to anyone, but it might help if he would give Adam a call.  Lewis was in a very similar situation, but has cleaned his image up since that incident in Atlanta.  Maybe someone who has been in the exact situation could get through to Adam.  

Hopefully this will all clear itself up in the next few days and we can end all of the speculation.  Again, we will look at some draft prospects in the next post.