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Pacman Update

The police have finally released what they believe were the events surrounding the shooting.  It is a far different account than what was alleged yesterday by the club's co-owner.

Don't get me wrong, it by no means exonerates Adam but it does tell there were some more events surrounding what set him off.

Las Vegas police recovered more than $81,000 in cash from Mitchell's room that investigators believe belonged to Jones, a 23-year-old cornerback for the Tennessee Titans. They also recovered a brown cloth bag and two Breitling watches, but it was not clear who owned those items.

The article also says that a woman who was with Jones was out of control as well.

A woman with Jones, Sadia Morrison, was soon fighting with a stripper. Bouncers rushed in.

The bouncers were able to move Jones out of the club and turned their attention to Morrison, who was biting security and screaming. "Sadia (Morrison) picked up a champagne bottle and hit one security guard, Aaron Cudworth, in the head with it," according to the warrant.

This is interesting because the club's co-owner claimed that Jones was the one who bit security.

The bottom line is it is going to be a long time before all of the details are sorted out.  The biggest problem Jones is going to face is the fact that he knows who the shooter was.

A Metropolitan Police Department source has said an associate of Jones might have been the triggerman. "We think the link is strong, but we haven't been able to verify it," the source said Tuesday.

The police are going to come after Jones to get the name of the shooter.  If he won't give up the name, they will throw him in jail.  If he is in jail all of his on the field talent means nothing.