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Pacman Jones At Vegas Strip Club Shooting

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The truly sad part about all this is I'm not the least bit surprised.  All I could do was shake my head as I watched the news last night.  Of course, Adam told his lawyer he wasn't involved  according Jim Wyatt's article this morning.  If you read the article in the Las Vegas Review Journal you get a different story:

Montoya said police had heard speculation that NFL cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones of the Tennessee Titans had been involved in the shooting, but those reports had not been confirmed. Jones has had several run-ins with authorities in West Virginia and Tennessee.

At this point my concern isn't even about the Titans.  The concern has to be for Adam Jones's life.  If he keeps putting himself in these situations, something bad is going to happen to him.  He is either going to end up with a serious injury or dead.  That is the reality at this point.

Assuming that this was just another verse in the Adam Jones "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" song, the Titans won't take any action against him.  Fisher will probably give him his 792nd speech about watching where he goes and who he hangs around.

I am sick of the distractions Adam brings to the Titans.  Here is the post I wrote when Adam was arrested for the spitting incident.  It mentions he has been mentioned in 7 police reports since he has been here.  That is just insane.  I know I am going to get hammered for this, but if I were the Titans I would shop him.  I know he is at least the second best return man in all of football, and that he has developed into a shut down corner, but none of that will mean anything if he is in jail or dead.  I wouldn't just give him away but if I could get something of value for him I wouldn't hesitate to ship him out.

Update [2007-2-20 13:9:57 by Jimmy]: Adam has been cleared of being a suspect as mentioned here. I never thought Jones pulled a trigger. He isn't that stupid.