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Warren Hauck of emailed me this weekend to ask for my help breaking down the Titans.  

Here is a break down of the system he uses:

Priority 1 - Absolute Need for Starter highest team need.  Will Reach (within reason).  Each team gets only one P1 designation.  

Priority 2 - Need for Starter high team need.  Will Reach (within reason).   There can be multiple P2 designations.  

Priority 3 - Need for Starter high team need.  NO Reach (within reason).   There can be multiple P3 designations.  Actually "No Reach" does allow a little reach - A team with pick 20 will be allowed to pick a #23 rated player, for example.  

Priority 4 - Need for depth but looking for a value pick.  Player needs to be ranked higher than the draft pick.   Multiple P4's allowed.

Priority 5 - This is a depth pick similar to #4, but one that the team wants to be sure and fill somewhere.  In round #4, a P5 will upgrade to a P2.   Multiple P4's allowed.

Priority 6 - This is a need that the team only wants to address in the lower rounds.  In round 5, all P6 codes convert to P4s for best available picks.

Priority 9 - do not need do not pick.

Here is his take on the Titans:
QB - I had P6 but I do not see the need for Tennessee to draft a QB anywhere
I think P9

RB - Henry has always been a stud and yall drafted LenDale White.  I had P4 but I will go P9 also.  No Need

WR - They need one in the draft I think unless Bennett resigned.  I have P3, but maybe move it up to P2????

OT - I have P1 but perhaps I'm way off here.  What do you think?  I know the team is happy with Roos at LT.  I will go P4

OG - I had P6 but as I review the depth situation (Geisinger??) I'm thinking a P5.  

TE - Scaife and Troupe.  The latter a disappointment.  Nonetheless I do not think this is a major need.  How about P6

OC - Mawae is excellent but old.  Is Amano starter quality or is a G/C depth pick needed?  P6 for now, what do you think??

DE - I've got a P4, but one source says this is a major need, maybe P1 or P2

DT - I had P3.  Im thinking P4 or even P6.   I will assume Smith stays for now. If he departs, this can be revised at that time.

ILB - I had P3.  Is this good???  Sirmon works but could be improved upon IMO.

OLB - A strength area for the Titans - again IMO - P6 or P9 (from P4)

SS - I has P3, but Chris Hope has great stats.  P6 or P9???

FS - I read somewhere (here on your thread) that FS is a Titan need. I had P4, should I move it up to P3 or P2??

CB - Need a starter quality player opposite Jones, or so I read.  P2 or P1 (I had P2)

PK - no need P9

Here was what I sent back to him:
With only 1 P1 to give, I would have to give it to DE.  The Titans have Kyle Vanden Bosch who is a stud, but got absolutely nothing from the other side.  This allowed teams to double team Vanden Bosch all year and you know how that goes.  Having another rush DE will really help out the defense.

QB- P9 If the Titans add a QB it will be a veteran to back-up VY.

RB- P9 here as well.  White may have been a reach where he was taken but to early to tell

WR- P2 even if Bennett is re-signed, but I don't think he will be.  The Titans desperately need a playmaker at WR.  Brandon Jones might be it but he is still young and coming of an ACL injury in 2005.  Givens can be but he had the ACL injury last year.

TE- P6 I agree with you here

T- P5 The Titans are very happy with Roos and David Stewart as well.  Could use some depth at the position though.

G- P4  Who knows if Olsen and Piller will be on the team.  Jacob Bell is good but the other side is a toss up at this point.  Amano can play there but there is absolutely nothing past him, as you pointed out.

C- P6 I agree with your assesment 100%.  The good thing about the Titans is they have an excellent O-line coach in Mike Munchack.  Look for the Titans to take a guy they like in the late rounds and groom him for when Mawae retires.

DE- P1 Discussed above.

DT- P2  Haynesworth is good when under control.  Robaire Smith will probably be resigned but could easily be beaten out by a young stud.

ILB- P4 but only because they have a guy on the roster named Stephen Tulloch who I think will be a really good player.  He started for Sirmon some last year when Sirmon was injured.

OLB- P6 Two great starters but some depth would be nice.

CB- P2  I think they will get a free agent here but as of now easily a top priority

SS- P9  Hope is really good and there are some young safeties on the team that will be pretty good players.

FS- P3 May have a guy on the roster that can fill the position.

PK- P9

Let me know how you think I did.