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Titans Free Agents

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Paul Kuharsky has an article in today's Tennessean discussing the Titan players that are set to enter free agency.  Here is Kuharsky's take on each player:

Drew Bennett WR: Reliable as a secondary option, will draw interest.
Robaire Smith DT: Tough guy does dirty work but wasn't great in 2006.
Chris Brown RB: Fell out of favor and will have new address.
Kerry Collins QB: Would be welcomed back as Vince Young's backup.
Rien Long DT: Missed all of 2006 with Achilles injury.
Donnie Nickey S: Key special teamer won't draw big bucks.
*Peter Sirmon LB: Unlikely in the Titans' plans for 2007.
Bobby Wade WR: Could have value to other teams as a returner.
Seth Wand OT: Titans may want him back, but strictly for depth.
*While the Titans don't list Sirmon as a free agent, the NFL Players Association doesn't list him as under contract for 2007.
Here is my take on each guy:

Drew Bennett: I would bring Bennett back, but only for the right price.  If he would sign another 3 year $6 million contract I would bring him back.  If he thinks he should get paid like a #1, I would let him walk.  He isn't worth that money.

Robaire Smith: He is another guy that I want back for the right price.  He adds veteran leadership to a team that is still young.  Give him a nice small guaranteed sum and bring him back.

Chris Brown: Peace out.

Kerry Collins: I would let him walk as well.  I know he has a lot of experience, and was a help in bringing Vince Young along, but you can't count on him in the game.  In this league a back-up that can win games in a must.  Kerry Collins is not a back-up that can win games.

Rien Long: He should be available for a discount after missing 2006.  Bring him back for depth purposes because he knows the system.  If someone beats him out in camp let him go.

Donnie Nickey: Bring him back.  Another system guy who is cheap.

Peter Sirmon: He is a good player, but I would let him go to clear the way for a cheaper and more athletic Stephen Tulloch.

Bobby Wade: Another "bring him back for the right price" guy.  But, the Titans must bring at least one of the Wade Bennett combo back.  There is not enough depth at WR to lose both.

Seth Wand: Who?