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SB Nation Mock Draft

In the coming months, the date yet to be decided, the NFL blogs that are part of the SB Nation will be partaking in a mock draft.  

The poll on the left side will stay for a while leading up to the mock draft.  My picks for the Titans will work similar to what the real draft will be in the Titans war room.  I want to get the input from all of you, and then I make the ultimate decision.  Please chime in by voting in the poll or by leaving comments on any of the stories.  The main focus of this site for the next 73 days is going to be the draft.

We are kicking around the idea of trading picks in our mock draft.  Depending on how free agency goes, I think trading up is a real possibility for the Titans.  If the Titans get a DE and CB in free agency the 1st round pick will be used to get a WR.  If they don't think the WR they want will be there at #19, trading up is the way to go.  (as long as they don't have to give up the farm)  

Between now and then we will be keeping an eye on the combine and free agency.  Let me know your thoughts.