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Pro Bowl Open Thread

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Well even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is a Vince Young fan:

"I think he does bring a lot of dynamics to the position of quarterback, and I think he'll change the way the position is played. And I think he demonstrated that in his rookie year."

"I assume with an offseason and being able to prepare," Goodell said, "you'll see even a greater impact next year.''

(emphasis mine)  It is cool to see that even the guys in the NFL front office have noticed the impact Young has had, and for that matter, will have on the league.

Again, there is an article that makes me an even bigger Young fan.  He takes care of his grandmother, mother and 2 sisters because they took care of him growing up.  He got his mom a 5 bedroom house that his grandmother also lives in.  This quote from his mom sums it all up:

"Vince knows, in the back of his mind, the man structure in our family has fallen, and for him to take a stand as a man, that makes us proud," Felicia Young said. "We know, even if he wasn't a football player, he was going to be a great son and be a great man, and he would be successful whatever he decided to do. God is using football to put Vince in everybody's life."
We don't see to many sports stars today that are easy to root for because of their character.  It is great to have one playing for the Titans.

Here is the Friday entry in his diary.

Hopefully we can put on a good show for them Saturday.
We know you will.  Enjoy watching the show.  We will break it down tomorrow.