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Vince Young Pro Bowl Review

The good:

Vince had a nice run in the 3rd quarter when the AFC was facing 3rd and 10.  He picked up 13 yards for the 1st down.  It would have been nice to see him not take that hit but he got up just fine.

Later in the 3rd quarter he threw a beautiful deep ball to Andre Johnson for a 47 yard gain.  He dropped it in perfectly between the two NFC defenders.

The bad:

Later on the same drive with the completion to Johnson, Vince threw an INT on the NFC 11 yard line.  It is hard to say if it was a bad throw or if Vince thought Willie Parker was going to go straight up the field instead of cutting to the sideline.

In the 4th quarter on a 3rd and 1, Vince fumbled the snap from center.  The NFC recovered.  That was the end of Young's day.

I wish Bellichek would have let Vince have the last series.  It would have been fun to watch him lead the AFC down the field just as Carson Palmer did.  Overall Vince was 4-10 passing for 71 yards with 1 INT.

It was good to see Vince among the league's elite.  It is obvious that he can hold his own even on that field.  He proved he can pick up that 3rd and long with his legs against any competition.