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Chargers 23 Titans 17

That one is going to come back to haunt the Titans.  You cannot afford to be up by 14 at home and let it slip away.  The funny thing is, the whole time I was sitting there, I never thought the Titans were going to lose.  I was just waiting for the defense to step up and make a play like they had all day long.

How many times does Rob Bironas miss a 39 yard field goal?  I am not sure what happened there, but it looked like he started to approach the ball before it was snapped.  He had to stop, and that threw off his rhythm just enough to make him miss.  If he hits that the Titans are sitting at 8-5 right now, but that is not what lost the game.

There is going to be a lot of talk about the Chambers 4th down reception.  I have no idea if he caught it or not, but there is no way they could overturn it based on the replays they showed in the stadium.  I don't understand how they could not have another angle.  Again, that is not what lost the game.  The Chargers made the plays when they had to, and the Titans just weren't able too.  Now the Titans face 3 must win games with a lot of scoreboard watching.  More on this game tomorrow.