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San Diego Chargers @ Tennessee Titans Defensive Preview


Passing: The Chargers are not a very prolific passing team.  They are only gaining 182.2 yards per game through the air.  Philip Rivers is in his 2nd full year as a starter, and much like Vince Young, has struggled more this year than he did last year.  Keep this in mind, Rivers had the benefit of sitting on the sidelines and watching for 2 seasons before being thrown in as the starter.  He has 15 TD passes this season and 13 interceptions.  He only threw 9 picks in 2006.

Another advantage that Rivers has over Young is that he has at least one major weapon in the passing game in Antonio Gates.  Gates has 833 yards receiving this season with 8 TDs.  He averages 13.7 yards per reception.  He will be a huge assignment for Keith Bulluck and David Thornton to keep track of.  The Titans have got to get their hands on him at the line to keep him from getting a free release.

The Titans will send people after Rivers on obvious passing downs.  He is a big guy at 6-5 228, and he is not all that mobile.  Getting pressure on him will force him to make quick decisions that should lead to turnovers.

Rushing: Here is where we have a bit of a problem.  The Titans will be facing the best back in the league tomorrow, possibly without Albert Haynesworth eating up the middle.  I think Fat Albert will play because this is basically a playoff game, but their is a real chance that he might not be in there.  LaDainian Tomlinson is not having as good of a season as he did last year, but he still has 1,049 yards and 11 TDs on the season.  He has the ability to take it to the house every time he touches the ball.

I probably should have mentioned this in the passing part, but LT is a huge part of their passing game as well.  They throw a lot of screens and dump-offs to him.  He is just as dangerous there as he is rushing.  He can also throw the ball.  Besides that, he isn't very good.