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San Diego Chargers @ Tennessee Titans Offensive Preview


Passing: This is a big game for Vince Young.  If he can put up some good numbers against this very tough defense it will quiet some of his critics.  The biggest challenge will be deciphering the 3-4 because he hasn't seen many of those in the NFL.  The Chargers have 2 excellent pass rushing outside linebackers in Shaun Phillips and Shawne Merriman.  The entire offense will need to account for those guys on every play.  The communication between Vince and the receivers, which has been a problem all year, will need to be excellent on Sunday.  Vince and the receivers have to read the blitzes and make the correct hot reads.  The Titans cannot afford to have a receiver going to the wrong spot or Vince throwing to the wrong spot against a defense that leads the NFL in interceptions.

The Chargers have had some problems defending the middle of the field in the passing game.  Tony Gonzalez had 140 yards receiving for the Chiefs last week against this defense.  This could be a good sign for Bo Scaife and maybe even the forgotten Ben Troupe.  If the Titans can hit some big plays in the middle to those guys, it will open up the outside for guys like Justin Gage and Roydell Williams.  Having Mike Williams might actually come in handy this week because he has already faces this Chargers defense this season.  He had 3 catches for 35 yards in that game.

Rushing: The teams that have had success running the ball against the Chargers defense have done it between the tackles.  That obviously sets up well for LenDale White.  The Titans are going to need to keep this game close so they can pound White to wear down the defense.  The best thing that we can hope for on Sunday is for the game to be close enough heading into the 4th quarter with LenDale already having 15-20 carries.  He will reall be able to have a big 4th quarter if that is the case.  I think the Titans will also have Chris Brown really involved in this game from the beginning.

Since the Chargers lead the league in interceptions, I don't see the Titans throwing a ton unless the fall behind big.  The game plan will be to keep the game close, control time of possession and win it in the 4th quarter.