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Tuesday Morning Tennessee Titans Linkage

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Vince Young has more yards from scrimmage over the last month than any other NFL player.  He is really heating up for this stretch run, which is good because he has to be playing well for the Titans to make a run.

Keith Bulluck was named the the Titans Community Man of the Year for the second year in a row.  The award comes from votes from players, staff, community leaders and media.  Bulluck started the Believe and Achieve Foundation that focuses on helping kids in the foster care system.  That cause hits home for him because he was in the foster care system growing up in New York.  It is really good to hear about this kind of stuff with all of the bad we hear about athletes these days.  The majority of them are doing the right things and doing a lot to give back to their communities.

It appears that Brandon Jones could miss some time with the groin injury he suffered in Sunday's game.  Good thing we got Mike Williams.  

As for other injuries, LenDale White should be able to play this Sunday after suffering a lacerated and dislocated finger.  

Albert Haynesworth will probably be limited in practice this week but should play on Sunday.  

Travis LaBoy and Benji Olson, who both missed Sunday's game, should be back on the practice field this week and have a chance at playing.  Chris Hope's condition will be monitored, but I have a feeling he will miss a couple more games.

I said yesterday that Chris Barclay's job could be in jeopardy after his muffed point on Sunday.  Jeff Fisher says it is not.  I think I will defer to him on this one.

David Climer takes a look at the emergence of the wide receivers in Sunday's game.  We had talked for the week before about how inconsistent the passing game had been all season.  It all came together on Sunday.  Teams are going to continue to stack the box and make Vince beat them.  It is going to take the passing game firing on all cylinders to get big wins.

Joe Biddle looks at the budding confidence of the offense.  Let's just hope the trent continues this week against the Chargers.