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The Tape: 1st Quarter

  • The Titans have got to find a better return game in the offseason.  You don't have to tell me that they have a game changing returner who is suspended.  I am well aware.
  • It was good to see Biren Ealy get his first career reception.  I think he will be a pretty good receiver for this team in the future.
  • I love it when the 1st drive is a march down the field like that.  It means that the coaches did a good job of game planning, and the players did a great job of executing.
  • No pressure on Peyton early.
  • Michael Griffin is becoming my favorite Titan.  He made 2 big tackles on the 1st drive.  The 2nd one creating a turnover.
  • It would have been really nice to get points coming off the turnover.  At the very least, the Titans should have been able to run out the 1st quarter.
  • Albert Haynesworth isn't going to get over this hamstring until the offseason.  I just hope he can play decently effective for the rest of the season.