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Titans 16 Colts 10 Post Game Quotes

Jeff Fisher

General comments

"This has been quite a unique week for us.  It really started with the Jets win and what happened at Cincinnati with Cleveland, and having the reality that everything was going to be in our hands and then the uncertainty of who our opponent was going to play or not going to play.  We got together as a staff and looked at the ballgame and we anticipated exactly what was going to happen today.  We knew we were going to have to keep the ball early in the first half, try to make some plays, and keep them out of the end zone.  We got lucky in that we were able to keep Peyton and the starters to just three points."

On the importance of scoring on the first offensive drive

"That's what we had hoped for.  We wanted to do it on the ground, and we wanted to do it with short passes.  It was probably one of our bigger drives of the year."

On QB Vince Young's availability after leaving with an injury

"Vince was able to come back in if we needed him.  Kerry was managing the game well, so we decided not to push it any further and risk it.  We're evaluating him, but I'm confident he'll be back to work this week."

On his injury

"I kind of felt the same injury.  We will just have to see tomorrow.  I don't know about playing until after tomorrow."

Vince Young

On making playoffs

"First of all, it is not about me.  I feel like our defense did a great job this year.  Rob Bironas did a lot for us this year.  Overall as a team, we finished this season like we should have last year."

On re-entering the game

"I could have come back in.  I always go with the guy who knows their job and was told to take care of it and rest it."

Kerry Collins

On playing in the game

"I felt like I prepared will all week.  I feel like I do every week.  It is the life of a back-up quarterback. You don't know when your number will be called."

On getting the win on his birthday

"I am 35 today.  It was a great birthday present.  I am proud of these guys, and proud of the whole team.  We have won ugly a couple of times, but we won."

Happy Birthday Kerry.

LenDale White

On how it feels to make the post-season

"Great.  That's what we play for.  Just one game at a time.  It's not necessarily the best team but who plays best on that night.  We're excited.  I guess we go to San Diego.  I don't know if it's Saturday or Sunday.  San Diego's a great team and we're one of those teams that never quits and we're going to keep fighting.  It's going to be a fun game next week."

On winning ugly

"We'd rather have 50 points with third teamers in there, sitting on the sidelines in the fourth quarter.  We wouldn't want that.  However you get a victory, you get a victory in this league.  Everybody gets paid to play out there.  Regardless if it's second team or not, those guys are the defending champions.  Those guys obviously are good to be in the league.  You have to go out there, you've got to fight no matter who is out there.  It was an ugly win, but it was a win.  That's all that matters.  We get the win when it counts.  It counted.  It was for the money.  Playoffs or go home.  We're in the playoffs now and it's the best feeling you can have."

On the pain in his knee

"My knee is just sore.  A lot of wear and tear, just banging it, getting twisted, falling on things. It's sore.  I'll be ready to go next week.  We'll see how the week plays out.  We'll have a lot of rehab.  It's been sore a long time.  I'm a warrior.  I've got to stay out there.  I have to do what I have to do to help the team and they count on me so I can't tap out now."