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Titans Beat Texans Monday Morning Linkage

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Jim Wyatt has the game story.  Keith Bulluck says it was more about the Titans than anyone else:

"We stand great if we win our next four games,'' linebacker Keith Bulluck said. "It's not a matter of 'being back' or anything. That was earlier in the season. Now it is a matter of 'getting there', and 'there' is the postseason. ...

"The important thing about (Sunday) is we just wanted to play good football. We hadn't played good football in three games.''

Paul Kuharsky looks at the impact Haynesworth's return had on the game.  It was interesting that the Titans front 4 was able to pressure the QB after being on a milk carton last week.  Hopefully his hammy will feel good today, and he can be out there the rest of the season.

Rob Bironas pretty much had a day off yesterday.  He did miss a kick, but it was a 50+ yarder into the wind.  Fisher said the streak ending was on him not Bironas:

I told Rob that he has got to start his streak over. That one is mine. I will take responsibility for that.  I wanted to take a shot. The wind was swirling a little bit. I thought maybe if he had picked up an uplift or something he might have had a chance at it. But that one is on me.

Chris Brown had a good day in relief of LenDale White who had to leave the game with a dislocated finger.  Brown ended the game with 46 yards on 11 carries.  LenDale had his best yards per carry game (5.0).

Terry McCormick looks at the Titans success in the red zone yesterday.  It was good to see the offense scoring touchdowns instead of field goals yesterday.