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Jeff Fisher and Vince Young Post Game Presser


Opening statements

Last night in our team meeting, one of the many things I mentioned to the team as far as what it would take to have a chance to win this game, I said Rob Bironas, if he took the field, would only be to kick off or kick extra points. That is what he did today. We scored four touchdowns, so obviously that's the difference in the ballgame, the offensive scoring.

We kind of put an end to a drought. It's been difficult getting into the end zone for us. We have been working hard at it. We have to continue to do that.

I thought overall we got contributions from all three phases. We got excellent work on our cover teams and we had some field position issues at times because of the wind. I thought Craig did a nice job punting, then covering (after the punt). Of course, the defense made plays they needed to make.

The offense ended up with balance, running and throwing the football. That last drive Vince was six-for-six and finished up with a touchdown pass, and basically that was the difference in the ballgame.

It was good to get Albert back. Was he a difference-maker today? We'll have to look at the tape, but he was excited to play.  The guys were excited to get him back, and it was good to have him back in there. I don't think he had any setbacks, so therefore we will watch him this week and get him ready. He should continue to improve. I hope this week he will be full speed, he was about 80 percent today.

Injury-wise, Brandon Jones has got a groin strain that we're going to have to look at, but besides that, we didn't have anything else of substance.

On if LenDaleWhite could have continued to play

He had an open dislocation on the finger. They reduced it and stitched it, he could have come back in, but Chris got a roll and so we are OK with that.

On if Vince Young had more responsibility placed on him in second half

Our intention was to come out the second half and actually open it up a little bit. We were pondering going no huddle. We kind of tinkered with it the first drive. Then we normally have a real good sense of what their  adjustments were at halftime and just picked it up in the third and made plays.

On receivers making more plays

They made a few more plays, they had opportunities for a couple of more. Tough catches, but still nevertheless there were some opportunities there. Difficult day to catch the football with the wind knocking the ball down and those kinds of things. But, Justin made some big plays for us. That was a huge catch by Eric to keep that drive alive.

On dropped punts

Well the irony is that we dropped one, then got it back, but they held. They dropped one and went two, three plays later. That was really a huge play for us. Again, it was one of the things we talked about was the wind and the potential difficulty of the weather and handling kicks. It wasn't an easy day.  I take my hat off to Cortland, he did a nice job of fielding those punts and creating positive field position for us.

On the field goal attempt before half

I told Rob that he has got to start his streak over. That one is mine. I will take responsibility for that.  I wanted to take a shot. The wind was swirling a little bit. I thought maybe if he had picked up an uplift or something he might have had a chance at it. But that one is on me.

On what win does for team

They bounced back last week. We rested up, they bounced back. They practiced well and they have a great personality. They are talking about, well, the second half season started today.  So, we'll see how they bounce back this week against a very, vary talented opponent.

On the field conditions

I just wanted to finish with this. I have to compliment the grounds crew.  That field was excellent today. They have worked 24-7 for the last couple of weeks. They did a great job and I am very proud. It was excellent playing surface today.


On getting into the end zone

We had a good week of practice and when you've had a good week of practice the guys are up tempo and it showed up today on the football field. I really feel like Norm Chow called some good plays for us. We took advantage of their cornerbacks, Chris Brown did a good job coming in and Kevin (Mawae) allowed them to run the ball - the offensive line did a great job today.

On the emotional lift of a touchdown

You get your fans into it, you're pushing your defense coming to the sideline and the guys get the ball right back. Different things like that are motivation, what we needed to get back on track and back where we needed to be. Roydell (Williams) and (Justin) Gage did a great job of catching the ball - all the receivers did. We have to continue to practice like that. When you practice like that, it shows in the games.

On the wide receivers stepping up

Like I said, guys are going to bring it in the pocket and try to stop the run and they are basically telling us, "Vince you can't make that throw" and "the receivers can't make that catch" so we took it upon ourseleves. Everyday I tell the guys, "We have to show these guys on the end that you're going to have to cover the receivers and I can make the throw down the field." The guys did a great job overall - all the guys did a great job as well as the blockers, too.

On whether the coaches have more confidence in his passing game

I feel like I have a lot of rope. I'm doing so much at the line of scrimmage like throwing touchdown passes and things like that so I feel like Norm Chow and Jeff Fisher have a lot of trust in me.  I really feel like I'm getting better and better each week. I have guys like Kerry Collins coaching me up, (quarterbacks coach) Craig Johnson, all these guys. All I have to do is pay attention and go out there and play the game and believe in myself and the guys around me. Gotta get back to work because we've got a good football team coming in next week - LT (LaDanian Tomlinson), all these guys they have to throw the ball to.