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Jets @ Titans 4th Quarter Tape

  • Vince has got to know where he is on the field.  The play where he was over the line of scrimmage when he threw to Roydell just cannot happen.  I am not going to even comment on the fact that Roydell dropped the pass.
  • As he did last week, Roydell came up big on the very next play when he held on to the ball when he was hit really hard after making the catch.
  • Again, the Titans should have gone right back to a run up the gut after that big play.
  • The announcers talking about LenDale and Chris Brown looking alike was one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.
  • The Titans played the screen really well all day.
  • Tony Brown's post sack roll was nice.  I think the entire defense should do that every time they get a sack.
  • It was awesome that the Titans called a running play on 3rd and 6.  It was even more awesome that LenDale picked up the first down.