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Eric King Out for the Season and the 3rd Quarter Tape

Titans cornerback Eric King is going to miss the rest of the season with a broken forearm.  That is bad news considering he filled in well for Vincent Fuller in the nickle package, and he was playing well on special teams.

Now for thoughts from the 3rd Quarter:

  • Keith Bulluck is really good.   I wish he would get to go to the Pro Bowl this season just because he has gotten snubbed all those years.
  • Ben Hartsock has no idea what to do when he has the ball in the open field.  It was pretty funny to watch him just run right at the defender.  He likes to hit people.
  • The play to Hartsock was good, but the Titans should have gone right back to the run right after that.
  • When they went back to the run, they should have kept sticking it right up the middle instead of trying to run something towards the outside.
  • The Titans can make some noise in the playoffs if the defensive line plays the way it did against the Jets.
  • Kelly Herndon stepped in and played well in his first action of the season.  I knew having him on the roster would come in handy at some point during the season.  This game was that point.
  • KVB stepped up and made a play every time the Titans needed him too.  That is why he is going to the Pro Bowl.
  • Vince's completion to Roydell Williams when the Titans were backed up inside their own 5 was the type of play that the Titans drafted Vince to make.