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The Tape: 2nd Quarter

  • The Titans offensive line was dominant in the running game all day long.  The touchdown run by Chris Brown proved that.
  • Cortland Finnegan should not have let Jerricho Cotchery get behind him.  All you have to do is stay just under the receiver when Pennington is playing QB because he can't put any zip on the deep ball.
  • The TD pass to Cotchery was just a result of the Titans not being able to get to Pennington.  You can only hold the zone for so long in the secondary.
  • Antwan Odom blocking the extra point was huge.  The Titans took the momentum right back from the Jets with that play.
  • Vince's interception was a bad decision because it was a stop and go, but the corner didn't bite on the fake at all.  Biren Ealy didn't do a good job of selling the fake, but it was still a ball that Vince shouldn't have thrown.  It looked like one of those plays where he decided where he was going with the ball before the play started.
  • I like watching Stephen Tulloch in there.  He flies around the field and always seems to be around the ball.
  • Travis LaBoy abused the Jets' right tackle on his sack.  It just as shame he can't play like that for a whole game.
  • The leverage call on Tony Brown ended up being the best penalty ever called against the Titans.  The Jets took 3 off the board and ended up with nothing.
  • Keith Bulluck's INT in the end zone could have been a season-saving play.
  • Vince has got to learn to put the ball away when he is getting pressured in the pocket.
  • Reynaldo made another huge play to break up a pass at the end of the first half.
  • The defense came up huge at the end of the half just as they have all season.  They didn't break after the penalty on Brown or after Vince's fumble.
  • The Mike Nugent field goal attempt at the end of the half was the worst kick I have ever seen in my life.