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The Tape: 1st Quarter

Here are some of me thoughts and observations from the first quarter of yesterday's Jets @ Titans tilt:

  • The Titans had a lot of problems picking up the 3-4 pressure packages from the Jets all day long.
  • Reynaldo Hill did a good job on Sunday.  He kept the plays in front of him and made the tackle most of the day.
  • LenDale White seems to be running the ball better as the season has gone along.  He doesn't look slow to the holes anymore.  Congratulations to him on eclipsing the 1,000 yard mark.
  • The Titans should have ran the ball on every play in this game.
  • Craig Hentrich did a great job of punting the ball away from Leon Washington in this game.
  • Albert Haynesworth looked healthier in this game than he has since the injury.
  • Watching Kyle Vanden Bosch and Haynesworth work side-by-side is really fun.
  • The Titans have got to find a better punt return option than Chris Davis.
  • Vince Young made a heck of a play to throw the ball away when it slipped out of his hand on the pump fake.
  • Thank you again Reynaldo for making plays in this game.  I apologize for being so hard on you in the past.
  • Justin Gage has been a heck of a find for the Titans.  He made a nice play to adjust on the fade thrown to him.  He is going to be even better when the Titans get a #1 to go opposite of him.  He can be Drew Bennett but better.