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Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans Defensive Preview


All signs point to the Titans getting Albert Haynesworth back for this game.  That should be the shot of adrenaline the Titans defense needs to return to it's early season form.  They are facing a Texans team this week that has a pretty good passing attack.  The Texans rank 6th in the NFL with 259 yards per game.  As odd as this may sound, the Titans are glad that Matt Schaub and his 2,207 passing yards and 9 TDs will be playing in this game.  Why you might ask?  Because the Titans are very afraid of the Texans' back-up QB Sage Rosenfels.  In 3 career games against the Titans Rosenfels has 526 yards passing and 8 TDs.  That means 30% of his career passing yards are against the Titans.

The Titans are not glad to see a healthy Andre Johnson in this game.  Johnson has 429 yards receiving and 4 TDs in just 4 games this season.  He is the type of receiver that is dangerous from any point on the field.  He is a big receiver at 6-3 219 so he is very dangerous in the red zone.  He also has very good speed so he can make big plays.  The Titans will likely make sure they have at least 2 guys on him at all times.

The Texans do not have a very good running game.  They rank 23rd in the NFL gaining 91.1 yards per game.  As Tim from Battle Red Blog mentioned here, the Texans gave Ahman Green a lot of money in the offseason.  That hasn't worked out so well for them as he has missed most of the season and will miss tomorrow's game.  Ron Dayne will likely be the feature back for the Texans.  That is really good news for the Titans if Haynesworth does play because Dayne can only run between the tackles.  If Fat Albert is between the tackles, Dayne won't find any running room.