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New York Jets @ Tennessee Titans Statistical Preview

New York Jets Stat Tennessee Titans
102.4 ypg (19th) Rush Offense 134.6 ypg (4th)
189.3 ypg (24th) Pass Offense 176.7 ypg (26th)
291.7 ypg (26th) Total Offense 311.3 ypg (21st)
17.8 ppg (24th) Scoring Offense 19.6 ppg (20th)
141.1 ypg (30th) Rush Defense 97.4 ypg (7th)
203.0 ypg (10th) Pass Defense 200.8 ypg (9th)
344.1 ypg (26th) Total Defense 298.2 ypg (5th)
23.9 ppg (23rd) Scoring Defense 20.1 ppg (11th)
-4 (19th) Turnover Ratio +1 (16th)

Once again the Titans face a team that is bad against the run.  This has all the makings to be a very boring game in which LenDale White ends up with 30+ carries.

The Jets don't do anything all that well on offense, but they do have a quality running back in Thomas Jones.  The Titans should win the game assuming they don't make a bunch of turnovers giving the Jets a short field.