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Tale of the Tape 3rd Quarter: And There Was Life

Thoughts and observations from the 3rd quarter:

  • I still don't understand what happened on the Titans first offensive play of the second half when Ahmard Hall ran out of bounds.  It could have been a huge gain for the Titans.  I also don't understand the camera angle CBS used there.
  • Biren Ealy almost made the first catch of his career.  It was actually a bad throw by Vince.  He had a huge window and threw it high.
  • On the 3rd and 7 play that was a dump off to Hall, it looked like Vince just stared down Hall the entire time.  That doesn't make much sense.
  • Mawae was a trooper to snap on field goals and extra points even though his calf wouldn't allow him to play offense.
  • It was really nice of the Chiefs to hold every time they made a big play.
  • The Titans missed a lot of tackles in this game.  They were really lucky it didn't come back to haunt them.
  • Norm Chow made a great play call on the 2nd TD pass to Roydell.  The Titans had a lot of success early in the game with the wide receiver screen.  The Titans faked that, and the entire Chiefs defense bit.
  • Michael Griffin played a really good ball game.  He had great coverage every time they threw at him, and his interception was a great concentration play.
  • I like the read option Vince ran on the play where he got called for an illegal forward pass.  I am not sure that it was forward.  It was parallel, but the rule does not say it has to go backward, just that it cannot go forward.
  • Vince was playing more like himself Sunday than he has all season.  I love the play where he is getting sacked and flipped it to Chris Brown.  Those are the types of plays he should be making.

It was really good to see a quarter where the Titans had some life.