Titans in the PRO BOWL!

Today the Pro Bowl teams were announced, and 3 Titans will be heading to Hawaii.

One of them was a sure thing, Big Al.

The other was a guy who definitely deserved it, KVB.

And the last, Mr. I make 60 yarders but then miss 20 yarders and blame my punter for it, Rob "my" Bironas.

Just kidding about Bironas, I love him!

Anyway, it's good to see some Titans get some recognition.  The only guy I have a problem with not getting there is Bulluck, but he hasn't had his best year this year.
I can't say anyone else really deserved it, maybe Ahmard Hall if they had backup fullbacks.

Adrian Peterson is starting for the NFC, thought that was pretty cool, so is Favre.

Full rosters found here:;jsessionid=3F17640BE14C116DC6034D0129F375D7?id=09000d5d8053b226& ;template=without-video&confirm=true