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Tale of the Tape 4th Quarter: Winning is More Fun

  • Chris Davis made his second mistake of the day when he ran up to field a punt that he should have let go.  Luckily the Titans were able to recover the fumble.  Davis should not be allowed to return punts for the rest of the year.
  • The Titans were lucky that Tamba Hali jumped off sides on the 3rd and 5 play because Moulds ran his route short of the first down marker.

The play call on the next play (pitch to Brown) was a little risky, but it worked.  It was a good call in that situation.

  • Once again the Titans had a 1st down inside the red zone and failed to get a TD.  This is really going to come back to haunt the Titans if they play the Colts or Patriots.  They will have to score touchdowns to beat those teams.
  • More missed tackles on the final drive.  That has got to be fixed before next week.
  • Really nice play by David Thornton on the game ending interception.  He did a good job on Gonzalez all day long.
  • I want Vince to run more, but I don't want him taking that shot with 3 minutes left in a game where the Titans are up by 9.  Let The Round Mound take care of that.
  • It was good to see the Titans get the ball back with just over 4 minutes left and be able to run the clock out.  That is the mark of a hard-nosed running team.

This was a good win for the Titans.  Now we move forward to the Jets in another must win game.