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Tale of the Tape 2nd Quarter: It Was Easier This Time

Thoughts and observations from the 2nd quarter:

  • The Titans still weren't able to get pressure on Croyle when he took deep drops.  You cannot ever allow a team to pick up a 3rd and 14.
  • Calvin Lowry got abused on the 1st Chiefs touchdown.  You cannot miss tackles like that when you are a safety.
  • Gage made a nice play to break up a pass that was almost intercepted.  I am not sure what Vince saw on that play because Gage was double covered.
  • Eric King is a really good special teams player.  He was right in Eddie Drummond's face and forced him to fumble the punt that was recovered by Vincent Fuller.
  • One thing Vince needs to learn is to not try and out run defenders by running backwards.  It worked for him in college, but it won't work in the NFL.  The Titans had a first and goal from the 9 and ended up with a 37 yard field goal.  That will hurt against a good team.
  • Croyle had all day to throw when the Chiefs went for it on 3rd and 7.  It would have been nice to see a blitz there to force him to make a quick decision.
  • The Chiefs should have scored their 2nd TD a play before they did.  Croyle missed Bowe wide open in the end zone because he was locked on Tony Gonzalez.  That second TD was the worst play of the game because Chris Wilson got hit at the 6 yard line by Finnegan and Fuller, then Griffin and KVB had a shot to bring him down at the 2.
  • The Titans probably should have gotten a pass interference call on McGraw against Moulds in the 2 minute drill.  Vince threw the ball to high for Gage on the next play, but Gage almost made a really nice play.

It was a whole lot easier to watch this quarter knowing the Titans won than it was live.