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Tale of the Tape: The 1st Quarter

This is something I would like to do more of, but I don't mostly because I usually don't have time.  I am going to watch the game and break it down quarter by quarter.  Here are my observations and thoughts from the 1st quarter:

  • Barclay probably would have taken the opening kickoff to the house had he not been tripped up by his ankles.
  • Vince threw a bullet on that first pass to Gage.  Gage ran a great route.  Gage might have been able to get a lot bigger gain if the pass would have been more accurate.
  • Roydell Williams had a huge drop on a play where Vince made a really nice move to avoid the sack.  Roydell made up for it on the next play.  Kevin Mawae and Benji Olson made great hustle plays to lead Roydell to the end zone.
  • The Chiefs could have had a huge first play if Dwayne Bowe hadn't dropped a really good pass from Brodie Croyle.  Croyle showed a lot standing in on that play with KVB bearing down on him.  Croyle's second pass was terrible with no pressure.  Great first series by the defense to get off the field.
  • Either Vince or LenDale went the wrong way on the 3rd play of the second drive.  There was a huge hole that LenDale couldn't get to because he ran into Vince.
  • LenDale is not a screen back.
  • It was really good to see Vince throw the ball away instead of taking the sack like he has in past weeks.
  • Nick Harper should have made it 14-0.  He jumped an out route and was looking to the end zone before he caught the ball.
  • Chris Davis does not need to return punts.  He made his first of 2 mistakes when he fair caught the ball at the 7.
  • Eric Moulds had a big day.  He made a veteran catch by getting his feet down in bounds for a big gain when the Titans were backed up inside their own 10.
  • Vince's worst play of the day came in the first quarter when he missed a wide open Ben Hartsock by a lot.
  • The Titans weren't able to get any pressure on Croyle, besides on the first play, but it was mainly because he was taking 3 step drops and getting rid of the ball.

The Titans played a really good first quarter overall, but you could feel the Chiefs gaining momentum as the quarter ended.