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Tennessee Titans Playoff Chances and Scenarios

To elaborate on what Brazilian fan wrote in this diary, here are the different scenarios the Titans need to make the playoffs: (Note: The Titans must win out for any of these to take place)

Scenario 1

The Cleveland Browns lose to the Cincinnati Bengals in week 16.  This would put the Titans and Bengals both with 5 AFC losses, but the Titans would go based on the record against common opponents.

Scenario 2

If the Browns beat the Bengals, the Titans must hope for a Steelers loss against the Ravens in week 17.  There aren't enough common opponents between the Titans and the Steelers, so it would come down to strength of victory, which won't be determined until after all the games have been played.

Scenario 3

The Jaguars would have to lose their final 2 games against the Texans and Raiders.

For now it seems easiest to root for the Bengals this weekend.  The other 2 scenarios could happen, but they are a lot more far fetched than the first 2.  That is pretty bad considering we are hoping for a 5-8 Bengals team to beat a 9-5 Browns team.