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Jeff Fisher and Vince Young Post Game Press Conference


On today's game

"Shortly after we arrived at the stadium this morning we knew that this game was going to take on a slightly different look because of the footing, and it was. It was a game in which you coach a little differently. The advantage goes to the offense in the passing game and the pressure gets put on the defense because of the footing. I think that the difference in this game was our ability to run the football, primarily in the fourth quarter. As I said earlier in the week, I'm always impressed with the teams that Herm Edwards has and I think that their quarterback is going to be a very good player in this league. We were especially concerned about our third down efficiency going into this game because they were ranked third in the league in third down efficiency before the game started. We're happy to get away with a win, we had to fill some holes and patch some things together because we found some injuries. Fortunately we found a way to win."

On the health of DT Albert Haynesworth

"He just couldn't get it warmed up because of the weather. It wasn't a setback; our hope was to keep him up and play him a little bit on third down and hopefully get 15 plays out of him. We didn't expect the production out of him, but I think that just the fact that he is out there helps."

On the Titans injuries

"At one point I had LBs Colin Allred, Rich Scanlon and Keith Bulluck on the field. We are just lucky to have guys that pay attention, are smart and that make plays. I don't have much else to say right now injury-wise."

On the Chiefs 65% third down efficiency

"With this footing, QB Brodie Croyle was just there. He was just making good decisions; he made a couple to TE Tony Gonzalez and threw the ball outside. It's a concern, but the pressure is on the defense no doubt."

On the 41-yard TD reception by WR Roydell Williams

 "It was a spin-off on some of the things that we had been doing earlier. We had a touchdown called back earlier because of a hold, but those things happen."

On the thought of challenging the forward lateral

 "We didn't get any looks from upstairs. The video feed from the trucks was not going up to the coaches box, so I got nothing. I got nothing on top, but it looked good to me, but there was no feed at all and that's disappointing."


On the 41-yard TD pass to WR Roydell Williams

 "We saw that their guys were biting pretty hard on that, and with the speed that Roydell has we just got the ball out to him. It's something that we worked on all week and it worked out pretty good."

On the importance of not turning the ball over

 "I'm getting better and better as well as the rest of the guys. That's one thing that we talked about all week, where if we get into the nasty games, taking care of the ball is one of the biggest things. Whoever has the ball in their hands needs to take care of it and we did a pretty good job of that today."

On coming from behind in the second half

 "I really felt like the tempo rose up a little bit more. That first drive we had, the tempo was pretty good. At halftime some of the leaders and myself gathered around and talked about picking up our tempo and to win the game because it was right there for us. We went out in the second half on both sides of the ball and on special teams guys turned up their tempo a little more."

On the Titans injuries

 "No matter who was in the game I had to step up more in a leadership role, getting the guys in the right places and continuing to keep everybody loose during timeouts. I really felt like T Daniel Loper came in and did a good job taking over T Michael Roos spot. Everybody that had to come in did a great job filling in for whoever was hurt."

On the forward lateral

 "All I know is that it looked like he was on the side of me or behind me a little bit, but you can't do nothing about the refs because they are going to make that call. I told referee Bill Leavy that wasn't a good Christmas gift to give anybody."