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Friday Morning Tennessee Titans Linkage

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Terry McCormick looks at the Kansas City Chiefs as a dangerous team.  Jeff Fisher better get the guys ready for this games because the Chiefs have nothing to lose.  The Titans could very easily lose this game if they overlook the Chiefs.

Albert Haynesworth was the only Titan to lead his position in fan voting for the Pro Bowl.  Congratulations to Albert.  He deserves that.

LenDale White wished Norm Chow well if he wants to take the job at UCLA, but he won't cheer for the Bruins:

I love Coach Chow a lot, but I am a Trojan,'' White said. "I hope he stays here. The only sideline I want to see him on is the Titans sideline. Whatever happens, happens, but I would never cheer (for UCLA).''

The Titans held 7 players out of practice yesterday: Haynesworth (hamstring), White (knee), receiver Brandon Jones (groin), returner Chris Barclay (toe), cornerback Eric King (hamstring), guard Eugene Amano (knee) and linebacker David Thornton (knee). I think most of these guys have a good chance of playing Sunday.

Jim Wyatt looks at the crapshoot that is taking a wide receiver in the first round of the draft.  The Titans will face Dwayne Bowe this weekend who has had the most success of any of the receivers from last year's 1st round.  I understand that it is a crapshoot, but the Titans cannot afford to not get a playmaker in this year's draft.  Sometimes you have to roll the dice....

Check back later today for 5 questions with Arrowhead Pride