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Scout's Inc Ranks the Top 64 NFL Quarterbacks

I really need to get a job at Scouts Inc.  Guys get to sit around all day and make up lists like this one.  They have ranked the top 64 quarterbacks in the NFL, and then matched them up in an NCAA-esque tournament.  Here is the top 15 with some notable additions:


1. Tom Brady- That one's pretty obvious.  The case could be made for Manning in some seasons but not this one.

2. Peyton Manning- Those 2 are pretty much no brainers.


3. Brett Favre- This is where it gets a little interesting.  Favre has played great this year, but at this point would you rather have him than Romo?  I would, but that is just because I hate Romo.

4. Tony Romo- Last year he got all kinds of accolades and didn't really deserve them.  As mean as this is, I was happy to see him fumble away their playoff chances.  This year he is putting up the numbers to help deserve some of the hype.

5. Ben Roethlisberger- I guess.  He has technically won a Super Bowl, but I can think of 7 or 8 guys I would rather have.

6. Carson Palmer- He isn't having a good season, but I would take him over "Big Ben."

7. Matt Hasselbeck- I think that these next few guys could go in any order.  Hasselbeck has out together some nice seasons.  I don't have a problem with him here.

8. Drew Brees- Once again the Chargers are sad.  Look at all the players they could have taken instead of Rivers.  Ouch!

9. Donovan McNabb- A healthy McNabb is top 5.  The problem is that he can't ever stay healthy.

10. David Garrard- At first glance this seems ridiculous, but when you look at his numbers this season (2,113 yards 13 TDs 1 INT); you might think he should  have been higher.


11. Jay Cutler- These next few guys are all a little unproven, and there are a lot of different ways they could have been arranged.  I don't have a problem with Cutler leading the group.

12. Derek Anderson- I guess, but I am still not sold on him.  He has come back to earth over his last 4 games with 6 TDs and 5 picks.  Hopefully he will really suck in the next 3.  The Browns were apparently shopping Brady Quinn after Anderson's hot starts, but I think they have backed off of that for now.

13.  Marc Bulger- He should be up in that 2nd tier when he is healthy.

14. Jeff Garcia- The resurgence of this guy's career is pretty amazing.  

15. Vince Young- Here is what the Scouts Inc. people had to say about Vince:

Young is an intriguing young player who places a lot of pressure on opposing defenses with his outstanding athleticism, arm strength and ability to scramble and make plays with his legs. He hasn't had as much success this season because offensive coordinator Norm Chow's game plans haven't always taken advantage of Young's strengths as much as they did last season. That said, Young is still far from the finished product, especially as a passer, but he will continue to improve the more he plays.
I think that is a pretty fair assessment.

Other notables:

  1. Philip Rivers
  2. Matt Leinart
  3. Steve McNair
  4. Billy Volek
  5. Kerry Collins
The results March Madness style tournament after the jump.

First Round

Tom Brady (1) def. Jamie Martin (64)
Peyton Manning (2) def. David Carr (63)
Brett Favre (3) def. Patrick Ramsey (62)
Tony Romo (4) def. Anthony Wright (61)
Ben Roethlisberger (5) def. Ryan Fitzpatrick (60)
Carson Palmer (6) def. Dan Orlovsky (59)
Matt Hasselbeck (7) def. Matt Cassel (58)
Drew Brees (8) def. Cleo Lemon (57)
Donovan McNabb (9) def. Luke McCown (56)
David Garrard (10) def. John Beck (55)
Jay Cutler (11) def. Jim Sorgi (54)
Derek Anderson (12) def. Quinn Gray (53)
Marc Bulger (13) def. Seneca Wallace (52)
Jeff Garcia (14) def. Brad Johnson (51)
Vince Young (15) def. Kelly Holcomb (50)
Philip Rivers (16) def. Damon Huard (49)
Eli Manning (17) def. Todd Collins (48)
Jason Campbell (18) def. Brodie Croyle (47)
Jon Kitna (19) def. Charlie Batch (46)
Jake Delhomme (20) def. Trent Dilfer (45)
Kurt Warner (21) def. Gus Frerotte (44)
Matt Leinart (22) def. Sage Rosenfels (43)
Matt Schaub (23) def. A.J. Feeley (42)
Chad Pennington (24) def. Kerry Collins (41)
Rex Grossman (25) def. Byron Leftwich (40)
Tarvaris Jackson (26) def. Billy Volek (39)
Kellen Clemens (27) def. Joey Harrington (38)
Trent Edwards (28) def. Brady Quinn (37)
Alex Smith (29) def. JaMarcus Russell (36)
Aaron Rodgers (30) def. Brian Griese (35)
Steve McNair (31) def. J.P. Losman (34)
Daunte Culpepper (32) def. Kyle Boller (33)

Second Round

Brady def. Culpepper
P. Manning def. McNair
Favre def. Rodgers
Romo def. Smith
Roethlisberger def. Edwards
Palmer def. Clemens
Hasselbeck def. Jackson
Brees def. Grossman
McNabb def. Pennington
Garrard def. Schaub
Cutler def. Leinart
Anderson def. Warner
Bulger def. Delhomme
Garcia def. Kitna
Young def. Campbell
Rivers def. E. Manning

Third Round

Brady def. Rivers
P. Manning def. Young
Favre def. Garcia
Romo def. Bulger
Roethlisberger def. Anderson
Palmer def. Cutler
Hasselbeck def. Garrard
Brees def. McNabb


Brady def. Brees
P. Manning def. Hasselbeck
Favre def. Palmer
Romo def. Roethlisberger


Brady def. Romo
P. Manning def. Favre

Brady def. P. Manning