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The Morning After

I really appreciate the people who are being positive here.  I am not ready to be there yet.  This is the toughest loss in recent memory.  Since I have a fun filled morning of office team building, I don't have time for a full breakdown right now.  I will leave you with some things we learned from yesterday's game to think about until this afternoon:

  1. Two playmakers can win a game for a team.  We saw that yesterday with LT and Gates.
  2. The Titans don't have a playmaker on offense.  Vince isn't doing it right now.  LenDale had a solid game, but 3.8 yards per carry does not make you a playmaker.
  3. Vince has really regressed from last season.  I have been hesitant to admit that, but it is true.
  4. The Titans desperately need depth on the defensive line.
  5. Shawne Merriman is one of the biggest punks and babies in the NFL.  He took a cheap shot at Vince, and then when the Titans took a couple of clean hits on him, he checked himself out of the game.
  6. There will always be a human element to officiating the game.  It is amazing that with all the technology we have these days that can't get an angle that shows if Chambers caught that ball or not.
That is all I have for right now.  Add anything you have in the comments.  There will be a lot more to come on this game this afternoon.