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Jeff Fisher and Vince Young Post Press Conferences


Opening statements

When you play a team as talented as the Chargers, you have to find a way to put them away. And we didn't do that. We let them hang around and make plays.

We will bounce back. Despite the loss, I thought this was a good measuring stick for our football team. That's a very, very talented team in all three phases.  We made enough plays to have a chance to win it. We just needed one more.

I thought the defense particularly did a nice job throughout most of the game with the exception of the last drive. I thought maybe we would get a little bit of help from the replay challenge. But, (they) didn't get another look. So, we went from kneeling the ball to battling it in the two-minute drill and going to overtime.

(It was a) disappointing loss for us. Very disappointed. (I am not) disappointed in the effort, not disappointed in the execution, not disappointed in anything as far as the football team is concerned because of the matter which they approached this game and did the things that we needed to do to have a chance to win.

On the defense becoming fatigued

That was a long drive and they had to go right back on the field. The defense was on the field for a long time.

On the play that was not overturned after review

I saw the ball on the ground. That happens. He just didn't get the look that he wanted. The only look he got was from behind, he didn't get anything from the front. That's where we saw the ball move. That's replay, that's part of the game.

On if the clock should have started after it was ruled a catch

Yes. Probably (lost) I am guessing six, eight, maybe nine seconds. They scored with nine seconds left. I am not happy with that, either. I didn't get an explanation, but I am not happy with that. There is nothing you can do.

On whether he will get a better look at film determining whether the clock started late

We're going to get the network feeds and I just didn't get it.

On Albert Haynesworth's injury

He's just sore and tired. You can see what he can do with his presence on the field. The defense played very, very well. Young DBs were really challenged but they played well, they got interceptions. Granted they (San Diego) did make plays but they make plays on everybody. I thought the linebackers tackled well, the more touches that LT (LaDainian Tomlinson) gets, the more dangerous he becomes and I thought we did a nice job tackling for the most part.

On whether Vince Young was injured on the last drive of the first half

We had to bring him in for X-rays that were negative because his ribs were sore. He wasn't 100 percent, but I don't know if anybody was 100 percent out there.

On whether he saw the hit Shawne Merriman made on Young

I couldn't tell. It was a little unusual that quarterback is carrying out a fake after the ball has been handed off and is that deep and gets hit. Shawne plays hard and he's an excellent rusher, so I can understand why he's that far up the field.

On the performance of special teams

This was probably if not the best, the second best special teams unit that we faced this year. We rose to the challenge. We missed a field goal, but beyond that I thought we covered well, we blocked well, returned well and that was the challenge this week was that they had to carry their load and I thought they did.

On whether he is comfortable with the decision to throw on third down with 2:30 to play

I was trying to win the ballgame. They had a timeout and the two-minute warning. I'm trying to win the ballgame when it's third-and-four, third-and-four-and-a-half, third-and-five. We make a catch, we win the game.  

On Jacob Bell's injury

We're going to have to do some tests on Jacob. We had some bumps and bruises in addition to Jacob but we'll just do some tests on Jacob. Burner symptoms, stinger symptoms that haven't gone away.

On how the team overcomes the loss

By winning the game in Kansas City next week. That's the only way we're going to put this behind us and move forward, have a good week of practice. See if we can raise, get back to the intensity level we were today when we played.


On whether or not he is in a state of shock after that game

We fought hard out there.  We were just a play short.  They made more plays than us.  Obviously they're a real good football team, but we are good football team as well.  We just got to keep fighting and put that game in the past and get ready for the next one.

On when they are heading down the stretch of the season, if this game will come back to haunt him

No, that's just for you.  It's just another one to us.  Like I said, we are a great football team.  We got better in all phases of the game today.  We just have to put that game in the past.  We got three more left.  We have to fight hard and get ready to play the next play.  We can't live off that game right there.  It happened, and now it's in the past.  Let's move on.

On how physical the game was today

It was an aggressive game.  That's just the NFL.  It's always going to be like that.  No disrespecting the women out there, but that's why they don't play the game.  It's real physical out there in that game.

On his injury in the first half and if that lasted into the later part of the game

It's just part of the game.  I don't think [Shawne] Merriman tried to do that.  It happens.  I'm a little bruised up, but I'm always bruised up.  Everybody on our team is bruised up.  Myself and everybody else, we have to fight through those bruises and get ready for next week.

On the situation of starting the drive on the 1-yard line

It was very tough.  The defense messed up because of where the ball was spotted at.  We messed up as well.  We just have to work hard and try to get the first.  That's all we try to do.  We try to do everything in our will.  The guys gave me some time.  It was just that things like that happen.  We can't do nothing about it, just move on.  That's all we can do.

On if he gives any credit to the Chargers' punter for how the game played out

The only person I give credit to is Craig Hentrich.  I don't give credit to nobody on the other side of the ball.  I can't do nothing about that.  That's not my part of the game, special teams.  On our side of the ball we did a good job except that one time where the ball didn't exactly go into the end zone like we wanted it.  That punt return we almost ran to the house but overall our special teams did a good job as well.  

On LaDainian Tomlinson's role in the game

LaDainian's [Tomlinson] a vet.  He's a veteran.  He's got great speed.  He's the leader of that team.  I'm pretty sure he sparked those guys.  All we can do is try to contain him.  That's what we tried to do.  I really feel like they did a good job to the last big run he made toward the end, but that's just LaDainian Tomlinson.  Overall I really feel like our defense played great.

On the questionable catch that was not reversed in the fourth quarter

My thoughts are you can't do anything about it.  All I know is that they called it a catch.  There's a defensive stand when you get breaks like that, you don't get the break that you want.  We just have to come together and hold together and strive to find a way to stop these guys.  As a offense we just get back on the field and try to do something to win the game.

On if he was like most fans and begging for another angle on the questionable catch

I wouldn't say begging.  You can't do anything about that.  Like I said, that's in the past.  Me, I'm not worried about this game anymore.  I'm just going to watch it on Monday and get ready for Kansas [City].  It's going to be a hard-fought game down there as well.