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Adam Pacman Jones Officially Out for the Year

Hooray for not having to think or talk about this anymore.  Commissioner Goodell announced today that he will not lift #32's suspension until the conclusion of the 2007 season.  It would have been nice to have him back for the return aspect, but his presence in the lockerroom would have hurt the team more than his returns would have helped it.

I think this officially ends his tenure with the Tennessee Titans.  They will probably shop him in the offseason to see if they can get a draft pick for him, and if not, just cut him.  Coach Fisher has made it clear that the team has moved on without him.  The defense has played better this year without him than they did with him.  This is the end of the Pacman era.

What do you think?  Have we seen the last of #32 in the two-toned blue?