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Panthers @ Titans Defensive Recap: Domination

Where have all the Jim Schwartz haters gone?  It is really funny how much difference a year makes.  It also funny how much differently a defensive coordinator is viewed when he has players that are NFL quality.  Peter King mentioned in his column this morning that Jim Schwartz will be getting some head coaching interviews this offseason.  That is a far cry from the days of the now defunct

The numbers from the defense were once again dominant.  The Panthers gained 191 total yards yesterday. 191!!  They had 78 yards rushing and 113 passing.  David Carr was having flashbacks from his days with the Houston Texans.  He was running for his life the entire day.  He was sacked 7 times and threw an interception.  Albert Haynesworth led that sack party with 3.  I really hope Mike Reinfeldt is on the phone with Fat Albert's agent right now.  I think the Titans will probably franchise him this offseason and work on a long term deal.

Michael Griffin made his 1st huge play as the Titans' starting safety when he broke up a pass intended for Steve Smith in the end zone.  He had to cover a lot of ground to get there.  The Titans secondary continues to improve each week.  Putting Griffin in there at safety was absolutely the right move.

This defense is just plain dominant.  There is really not another word to describe it.  They are going to make sure the Titans are never out of a game.