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Carolina Panthers 7 Tennessee Titans 20

This can serve as the open thread for the New England Patriots @ Indianapolis Colts game as well.  I cannot cheer for either of these teams, but if I had to choose one, it would be the Patriots because the Titans are still in the division hunt with the Colts.

As for the Titans game, the defense was dominant once again.  It still blows my mind that they are this good.  It is awesome to watch them play every week.  The Titans are going to win a lot of games because of them.

Vince played better today, but still not as good as he needs to play.  I am still not worried about him.  LenDale White just wears defenses down.  They have no desire to tackle him in the 4th quarter.  Enjoy the win and the Patriots vs. Colts.  Full recap tomorrow.