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Friday Morning Titans Linkage

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Rob Bironas is having a phenomenal season.  Just don't talk to him about the streak.

Albert Haynesworth did not participate in practice yesterday.  Before you get really mad and spike your computer, Jeff Fisher said this is not a setback.  He should practice today and play on Sunday.

Benji Olson and Chris Hope both missed practice yesterday and are not expected to play.  Tony Brown did not practice yesterday but is expected to practice today.  Travis LaBoy practiced but was limited.

Mike Williams is getting closer to playing.  Wahoo!! </sarcasm>

Jim Wyatt says the Titans should come after Matt Schaub on Sunday.  I am willing to bet that Schaub is still having nightmares of Haynesworth eating him.  There is one big difference this time, however, and his name is Andre Johnson.  I don't think the Titans want to be in one-on-one situations with him very often.