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5 Questions with Battle Red Blog

Tim from Battle Red Blog was nice enough to answer some questions about his Houston Texans.  To see his questions and my answers click here.

1.  Right off the top...You have to win out to get in the playoffs.  Can you do it?

Can the Texans win out and make the playoffs?  Sure!  Will they?  Nope.  When the schedule first came out back in April, I called 8-8.  In other words, I didn't think this team would make the playoffs before the season started, and I still don't think this team makes the playoffs as we get ready to tee it off in Nashville here in Week 13.  While this team has improved leaps and bounds since last season, there are still too many holes that will require another offseason to address.  The good news is that Houston fans have a team about which they can legitimately excited, both now and next season.  The bad news is that I don't see the Texans making the playoffs for the first time this year.  Now, next year is a different story...

2.  The Texans gave Ahman Green around $6 million in guaranteed money.  How do you feel about that right now?  Is he back with this team in 2008?

Ahman got $6,500,000.00 in guaranteed money to come to Houston.  As you know, it hasn't exactly worked out.  He hasn't finished a single game he's started, and he's been declared inactive for five (5) of the eleven (11) games played thus far.  While I still think it was a calculated risk the team had to take in light of Domanick Davis' knee issues and the questions surrounding the remaining RBs on the roster, I'd be shocked if Ahman Green was on the roster next year.  Odds are on the Texans biting the bullet, releasing Ahman Green, and wishing him the best.

3.  Tell us about the health of the Texans coming into this game.  Which key starters are out?  How much of The Dayne Train will we see?

Compared to a month ago, the Texans are the picture of health.  As it is every week, Ahman Green's status will likely be determined today.  Needless to say, I'm not holding my breath.  If Green can't go, Titans fans can expect to see The Dayne Trayne chugging between the tackles all day.  Kubes may give Joe Echemandu and/or Darius Walker (if he's activated) a couple of carries, but it's more likely that Dayne gets every opportunity in the backfield.

4.  Mike Williams will probably be active for this game on Sunday.  Be honest, that scares you a little bit doesn't it?

No.  No, it doesn't.

5.  This will be a completely different game than the 1st time these 2 teams faced off.  Vince Young will be playing for the Titans, Matt Schaub appears to be more healthy and Andre Johnson is going to play.  How do you think this one turns out?

Both teams are looking at Sunday's game as a chance to get well.  Since Week Three, the Texans seem to lay an egg every other game or so (see, e.g., last week at Cleveland, which necessarily means they look like world-beaters (see, e.g., two weeks ago versus New Orleans) once every two or three games.  The Texans have been hit-or-miss on the road this year, but the mere fact that they're playing away from Reliant isn't a death knell.

I think that Kubes is going to make a concerted effort to do two (2) things:  (1) Get Andre Johnson the ball; and (2) Get Ron Dayne twenty (20) carries.  If both of those things happen, the Texans will win this game.  It also wouldn't hurt if Albert Haynesworth's hamstring acted up.  Call me an unabashed homer; it'd be deserved...I'm calling Texans 24, Titans 23.

Best of luck on Sunday.

Big thanks to Tim for doing this.