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Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans Offensive Preview


This is the week for the Titans to get the running game back on track.  The face a Texans rush defense that ranks 22nd in the NFL giving up 119.4 yards per game.  The offensive line that was so good early in the season has struggled over the past couple of weeks.  Combine that with LenDale White being slow to holes, and you have the perfect recipe for an 0-3 stretch.  I think we will see Chris Brown get the most carries he has gotten since week 1 against the Jaguars.  The Titans will take advantage of this opportunity to get the running game back on track.

The Texans pass defense is a little bit better than their rush defense.  They rank 17th in the NFL giving up 214.5 yards per game.  The Titans have got to find some way to develop consistency in the passing game.  All year when Vince has been on the receivers have been off, and when the receivers have been on Vince has been off.  That is why we have seen the numbers in the passing game we have seen.  Don't worry though we have Mike Williams now.  (I really hope he proves my skepticism wrong)

I don't care what Vince says, this game means more to him than any other game on the schedule.  He will be chomping at the bit in this game since he missed the first match-up.  Vince will have his most efficient game of the season through the air and on the ground.