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Thursday Morning Titans Linkage

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Paul Kuharsky takes a look at the Titans recent struggles on 3rd and 1.  It is a little mind boggling that the Titans cannot pick up short yardage with that offensive line and a running back that weighs north of 240.  I think the Titans will be better in these situations with the return of Ahmard Hall.

LenDale White apologized for his personal foul penalty on Sunday.

"I acted inappropriately and I should have just walked away like they teach you to, but I guess my attitude got the worst of me,'' said White.

"I apologize to my team and my coaches because that is not me. It will never happen again.''

White also took the high road on the "USC thug" comment by Steve Beuerlein dismissing it as a joke.  I am ready for this to be over.

The Titans cut Demetrin Veal on Wednesday and promoted 6'5 305 DT Kevin Vickerson from the practice squad.  It isn't surprising to see Veal cut after he got blown out of the stadium a couple of times last Sunday.

Chris Hope will likely miss the game this Sunday, which means Calvin Lowry will likely get the start.  Hopefully he will have a better game than the last time he started against the Texans.

Norm Chow's name is getting bounced around with all of the college coaching vacancies as it always does.  I don't see Chow leaving the Titans to take any of those jobs at this point in his life.

Kuharsky blogs about the possibility of Mike Williams being active for the Titans on Sunday.  I don't think it really matters which receivers are active and which aren't.  They are all inconsistent at best.