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Tennessee Titans Wednesday Morning Linkage

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Terry McCormick takes a look at the Titans playoff chances.  Like I said yesterday, the Titans are going to have to finish 4-1 to have a shot.

Paul Kuharsky talks about the struggles the Titans' offense has had early in games.  I do remember the years when Mike Heimerdinger was here, and the Titans scored a TD on their first drive almost every game.  It would be really nice to see that again.

Jim Wyatt blogs about LenDale White's recent struggles on the field and with the media.  Maybe he was just really hungry?

Kuharsky takes a look at the Titans' playoff chances in his blog.  It seems that everyone agrees it will take a 4-1 finish to get in.

Finally, this had nothing to do with the Titans, a tribute to former Ole Miss coach Ed Orgeron.  Pretty funny stuff.