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NFL Power Rankings Time

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I didn't get a chance to do this last week because of the holiday.  Let's see how far our Tennessee Titans have tumbled.

Now for the power rankings.

12. Titans

On five drives against the Bengals, the Titans entered the red zone. Three times they had goal-to-go situations. And yet they couldn't find the end zone. It'll be one of their many regrets if they don't make the playoffs.

15. Titans

After starting the season off as one of the league's great surprises, the Titans lost their third straight game on Sunday. Tennessee struggled to get anything going against the woeful Cincy defense, while giving up 35 points in the loss. The same week that news of a reported altercation between sidelined defensive leader Albert Haynesworth and Pacman Jones hit the wires, the D gave up 28 points or more for the third straight week. Vince Young sat on the bench by himself after the game, his head in his hands. He explained to reporters after the game, "Thoughts, man, just thoughts, trying to see what's going on, what's the problem, what we need to do to get back to where we need to be at. Why is this all of a sudden happening to us, going back to that bad feeling that we had last year with getting our butt whooped?" The Titans finished the '06 season as one of the best teams in the league. They've been the complete opposite down the stretch this year.

12. Titans

The Titans dropped their third game in a row, this time losing at Cincinnati. Tennessee's defense hasn't been the same without Albert Haynesworth. And if he doesn't come back soon, Tennessee may not make the playoffs; something they were on pace to do with flying colors just a few weeks ago.

12. Titans

Ugh. The Titans are battling for their playoff lives, yet they've dropped three straight, including the most recent loss to Cincinnati. Against the league's most pitiful defense, Vince Young & Company couldn't even get in the endzone.


12. Titans

They got caught in a tough situation against the Bengals, a short week and back-to-back road games. They need to turn it around this week against the Texans.

16. Titans

Vince Young does a whole lot of nothing against the Bengals' awful pass defense, and Tennessee suffers a major blow in Cincy.

12. Titans

The Texans won't make it easy for the Titans to stop their free fall.


12. Titans

No commentary.

The Big Lead:

14. Titans

In a champagne room somewhere, Pacman smiles.
That's an average of 13, which means they just miss the power ranking playoffs.  Hopefully the people who do the power rankings are not prophets.