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Tuesday Morning Titans Linkage

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Jeff Fisher says the skid hasn't come because of any changes that have been made.  Maybe he should look into some changes.

Chris Hope will undergo some tests this week after being knocked out during the game Sunday.  I think it will probably be a few weeks before he returns.

Besides Hope, it doesn't appear anyone else has been ruled out for Sunday.  Haynesworth, LaBoy and Olson all have a chance to play on Sunday.  Ahmard Hall should be back on Sunday.  Hopefully his return will spark the run game.  Kyle Vanden Bosch and Vince Young were both dinged during the game against the Bengals, but both should be ready to go on Sunday.

There is a chance that Mike Williams will be active for the game on Sunday.

"We're going to teach him the offense, get him involved and you will quite likely see him on the practice field this week. If he picks things up and he's productive, there's a chance he could be active this week."
I am still not expecting anything from him.

Steve Beuerlein says he was just kidding when he made the comment about USC thugs.  How many of you out there haven't tried this excuse?

David Climer says the Titans are headed for another 8-8 season.  I really hope he is wrong.