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Jeff Fisher and Vince Young Bengals Post Game Press Conferences

Jeff Fisher

Opening comments

"I certainly didn't see that coming. During the week, I thought we rebounded fairly well from the Monday night loss. I thought they were ready to play. I really don't have many answers for you at this point. The difference in this ball game was third down -- we couldn't get off the field (defensively), and we couldn't stay on the field (offensively) -- and our inability to score touchdowns in the red zone. We have to rebound. We have let three get away from us now. We are going to lock the doors, and find a way to win. That's first and foremost for us right now -- to win a ball game."

On secondary

"They did a nice job up front with their run-check passes. Carson (Palmer) managed this game very well. I don't think I've ever seen a quarterback manage a game as well as he did."

On not stopping Bengals on third down

"We didn't make any plays. They ran it, they threw it. We just didn't make any plays. That is uncharacteristic of our defense."

On making some plays on offense

"We showed some signs of life, and then we let things slip away. They got Vince (Young) on a sack and caused a fumble. We got the ball back, and I thought we had a shot right before half, but we didn't. It's just one of those things. There was nothing good about it. We just have to correct it and move on. We are going to have to rest. Our defense has been on the field way too much the last few weeks. We need to rest up."

On if loss puts team in panic mode

"We're not concerned about anything but winning a game."

On how close Albert Haynesworth was to playing

"There was a chance that he probably could have gone. We want him back full-speed. We don't want to set him back by trying to get him out there playing. He is closer, but he's just not ready."

On Chad Johnson's big day

"We didn't play particularly well. (On) his first touchdown pass, we had them first-and-goal at the 23-yard line ... it was just a defensive mistake. It shouldn't have happened. I will credit him on the second one. It was a great call -- a great adjustment. He recognized the coverage and ran a slant. You can't stop that play; he's a good player. This is a talented offense. I didn't expect this out of them, but when they are playing like that, they are hard to stop."

On if this is a game in which he burns the tape and moves on

"No. I think we all have a responsibility to look at it to see what happened. The players need to see how they can do better. Us coaches need to see if there was something better that we could have done from a game-plan standpoint, and to better manage the game."


On loss

"I feel we are not playing the football we are capable playing right now. We know how we need to play. I don't know what is going on. We have five games left, and we need to get back to work."

On not scoring touchdowns in red zone

"We commit a lot of missed assignments. I put it on myself when I cannot lead the team into the end zone. I put our situation on myself. I need to do many things better. I need to get our team into the red zone and score points."

On Bengals controling the game

"We knew they had a great offense coming into the game. Our defense did their best. They have some great receivers, with good running backs, and a great quarterback. There is nothing we can do but play as a team and give great effort."

On if there is a sense of desperation

"No sense of desperation. We have five games left. We need to stay focused and get ready to play the next game. We need to just finish games."

On if team has its back against the wall

"Our backs are not against the wall. We are 6-5. As we finish the season, we should be just fine."

On what he was thinking after the game when he sat on the bench so long

"Thoughts. What do we need to do to get back to the type of team we were at the beginning of the season? Why is this all of a sudden happening to us? This takes me back to the bad feeling that we had last year. We need to come together as a team and get back on the same page."

On if early deficits have caused team to derail from game plan

"We came into this game wanting to throw the ball, and that is what we did. When you get behind early, you can't run the ball. You need to throw the ball in order to have a chance to be in the game.

"We are playing against the opponent. We are playing against the refs. We are not going to always get calls. (There are) all kinds of things going on. We need to overcome all outside influences and play our game. We need to just play Tennessee Titans football."