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Tennessee Titans @ Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Preview


The Titans offense and Vince Young showed some signs of coming around Monday night against the Denver Broncos.  Vince threw for more than 300 yards for the first time in his career.  He would have had almost 400 yards if the receivers could have made the routine plays.  This match-up is very favorable for Vince.  The Bengals rank 25th against the pass giving up 243.1 yards per game.  Of course for Vince to have a good game the receivers will have to catch the ball.  I think Brandon Jones, Roydell Williams and company will step up after a week of hearing how they let the team down.

This should also a big game for Vince with his legs.  The Bengals have been decimated by injuries at linebacker.  Most teams will use a linebacker to spy Vince.  He should be able to break some big runs in this game against 2nd string guys.  That will open up a lot of other things in the offense.

The Bengals are bad against the run as well.  They rank 27th against the run giving up 126.5 yards per game.  The holes should be open long enough for LenDale White to get his big self through them.  I hope the Titans will give Chris Brown a few more carries in this game as well.  He hasn't carried the ball much over the last month and half, so his legs are pretty fresh.  Chris Henry won't be avalaible in this game because he has decided to drop his appeal.

The Titans might need to win this game in a shootout.  If they cannot put numbers up against this defense I will be really disappointed.  I am calling this as the breakout game for the receivers, especially if they....