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Denver Broncos 34 Tennessee Titans 20 Monday Night Football Post Game Quotes

Jeff Fisher

Opening Statement

"As friends do, I feel I owe congratulations to Mike [Shanahan]. I thought he put out a very well prepared team on the field today and it seemed like every time we took a step to close the gap, they widened it again. They made a lot of plays and we did not. We thought that was the difference in the ball game, dropped passes, and missed tackles, penalties and turnovers against a team like Denver you're not going to have a chance to win the ballgame.

On Missed Tackles

"We had an opportunity to get off the field, we have to make tackles. It's something that's been a problem for us, which was not a problem for us earlier in the year."

On Dropped Passes

"Drops were a major factor in the ball game. We had some opportunities to keep some drives alive, and even an opportunity to score a touchdown. That's what happens when you lose, you've got to make those plays, but we didn't."

On Not Challenging TE Bo Scaife's Incompletion

"I thought it was close enough to where we should have gotten a review. I talked to the replay official, as we were leaving at the end of the first half, and he said that they had three very clear shots upstairs that it was not a catch. I've heard otherwise, we'll have to look at it. But, replay is for that purpose, inside two minutes it's wise to take a look at it. But I'm trusting that they saw the ball on the ground."

On QB Vince Young

"Vince showed poise in the passing game last week. Vince played very hard. He played a very good game tonight. He ran around, made plays that kept us in the ball game. We just couldn't catch up. I was pleased at the way he played, and not surprised at the way Jay [Cutler] played."

On Giving Up Long Plays

"In the long run, we had missed tackles. We had opportunities to make a tackle on one of the long passing plays. Jay [Cutler] scrambled around and made a play on the first touchdown pass to Brandon [Stokley]."

On Calling a Challenge on Vince Young's Rushing Touchdown

"I was on the offensive side and I was in discussion with the offensive staff as far as what we were going to do. Then, Jimmy came down, and he felt we scored. Often times that's just not enough, it came from upstairs. It did work out for us, Mike [Shanahan] called a time out and I got a chance to confirm it, so I challenged the play."

On Having a Sense of Urgency, After Two Losses in a Row

"We're going to come back and work and get better. We have a short week and we're going to go on the road and get ready to play Cincinnati."

On Status of DT Albert Haynesworth and CB Nick Harper

"He's [Albert Haynesworth] a little closer than he was last week, but I didn't want to risk injury. I think Nick will have a really good shot at coming back this week."

On status of G Benji Olson

"Benji had difficulty. He woke up this morning with a very sore, stiff back. I felt like he probably could have gone, but we did not want to take the chance. We would rather have healthy bodies out there."

Vince Young

On Being Down Early

"We've been in that situation before. We've been down even more, before that. We just have to get it done, and believe in ourselves to get it done. As an offense, we needed to help out our defense today. Just like our defense has helped in previous weeks. We have to go back to scratch, get back to practice, get back to work."

On Dropped Passes

"You can't do anything about it. I just tell them, `I'm coming right back to you.' Even though it's a drop, that doesn't mean I'm not going to throw you the ball. I know that you can make that catch, I have the confidence in my receivers and tight ends, and everybody."

On Scrambling

"I just try to do whatever it takes to get the first down. When we get down to third and two, and they play good defense and they do a good job on my receivers, and they have a guy spying on me, I feel that, one-on-one, I feel like I can win that."