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Jeff Fisher's Tuesday Afternoon Press Conference

On injuries following the game in Denver

We actually came through it pretty well. We had a few guys leave the game and come back, but we didn't have anything that I think is going to keep anybody from playing this week. We're a little concerned about Benji (Olson)'s status this week, but I'll have more information as we do some more tests. He's struggling with a low back that flared up on him early yesterday. I'll have more information on Albert (Haynesworth) later in the week. We have not ruled him out. I think he's improving. I think Nick (Harper) will be back on the practice field probably Thursday. It appears that we're healing up ever so slightly.

On whether FB Ahmard Hall has a chance to play this week

He's going to see a specialist this week, his doctor actually. He's got a chance to be cleared to practice. I wouldn't expect him to be necessarily in a position to play this week, but he's right on schedule as far as his rehab.

On Chris Brown's stomach problems during last night's game

He had something going on. He missed a series, but he got over it.

On whether Vince Young's leg problem in the game was a reoccurring quadriceps injury

No, he came back and worked it out. It was the same leg, but it was more of a contusion than it was a strain. So I don't anticipate it being a problem at game time. He may be limited during the week.

On the Titans' run defense without Albert Haynesworth

If you look back over the years, the Jaguars and the Broncos are pretty good running football teams. I think you have to look at who our opponent is first. Certainly we miss Albert, but both of these teams are very good rushing teams, so it's hard to put your finger on what would have happened had he been 100 percent healthy. We would like to think that we would have been a little more productive than when one of your best defensive players is not on the field. They're hard to replace. I'm not by any means placing blame on those other guys that have gone in to replace him. Randy (Starks), Tony (Brown) and even Demetrin (Veal) are guys that will line up next to him and compliment him very well, and benefit from his presence.

On how many tackles he estimates the defense missed

Too many. The long run - we missed several tackles there. We missed several tackles in the pass game. It was probably our worst tackling day, defensively.

On his take on Bo Scaife's diving catch, which was ruled incomplete

It's my opinion that it was a catch. Those things happen sometimes. That's the game - that's the human element and human error in the game. It was a catch, it was a great effort and I just didn't see any reason why it should not have been reviewed. Whatever the reasons are, I'm sure the league will address it. I would have liked to have seen it work the way it should work and that's to go to review and it be overturned.

On what conversations he will have with the league regarding the lack of review of the play

I'm not going to discuss any kind of conversation I have with the league office.

On why the officials didn't review the play

Apparently, the replay assistant saw something that led him to believe that the pass was incomplete.  That is really all I could surmise.

On how he addresses tackling problems

There are going to be missed tackles in games.  We have tackled very, very well up until the last two games.  You emphasize it on the practice fields.  You look at the film and talk about angles with keeping your feet and using your help.  It starts up front with gap fits.  If you get everyone in the right gaps, the ball carrier flattens out and there is a different angle involved in the tackle.  There are a lot of reasons for it.  It is the same thing with the drops.  You don't want to see missed tackles and you don't want to see drops.  Prior to this game, I think we were top-five in the league in fewest passes dropped at this point in the season.  All of a sudden we have a bad day at it and we can't handle three plays in particular which would account for probably 120 or 130 yards of offense and possibly one touchdown.  Drops are a part of it.  We have been very consistent catching the ball for the most part.  I think people pay a little more attention to the drops here because of who the ball is coming from, but we are going to continue to work and hopefully put those things behind us.

On whether he says something to the players after dropped balls

I usually in those situations take the approach that it didn't happen and move on.

On how the clock affected the Scaife review

The pass was ruled incomplete so the game clock was not running.  The play clock was running.  You don't want to put yourself in a situation where you are looking at a delay-of-game penalty.  There was ample time for that to go to review.  If my choice was to call timeout and give them more time, but that is not my responsibility inside two minutes.  My responsibility is to use my timeouts the best I can and I wanted to use the timeouts in case we create a first down and we are able to take a shot at the end zone.

On why he took his time to review the Vince Young touchdown play

This is game management.  There is a lot of stuff that goes on that you are not familiar with.  At that particular time I was on the headset with the offensive side and we were discussing strategy and what we were going to do on third down and whether we were going to take two shots and those kinds of things.  The other side of the ball got a shot up there and they thought that he had in fact scored.  They were trying to communicate that information to me while I was discussing strategy with the offense.  That happens.  They got word to Jim (Schwartz) and then Jim came down to me.  But at that point, I didn't get the information that I needed other than challenge the play.  If I challenged every play that someone suggested I challenge, my won-loss record in replay would be horrendous.  I have to get information and I didn't have time to get the information.  Fortunately, it worked out for us.  Again it is third-and-goal from the one-yard line.  I was going to take two shots, so the odds of us getting in at that point were pretty good.  Fortunately, Mike (Shanahan) called timeout, so the play was negated and I was able to challenge it.

On Denver using a timeout to attempt to ice kicker Rob Bironas

I think it'll be interesting to see if Mike (Shanahan) does it again.  You're going to have to ask him.  As you said, that's what I've been saying all along.  All it's going to take is one timeout and a miss and then a make, and I think people will second-guess that strategy.  I can't speak for Mike.  Mike's very aggressive and has been successful to this point.

On if Vince Young took a step forward in the passing game

I thought he took a step forward last week.  Yeah, he's improving.  As you can see, what's happening is there's a lot of people on the line of scrimmage.  At times it's difficult to get the run game going with that being said, so you have to pick it up and throw it.  He did.  I thought he played pretty well with his legs, moving around in the pocket with his eyes downfield, and when it was time to go, he went.  We had some designed things that were called, and he took advantage of them.  I thought he was ready to play, as I expected.  He prepared well all week and put the difficult loss behind him.  He's going to have to do the same thing this week.  This is another uniquely talented opponent that we have this week on a short week of preparation.  We have a lot of work to do.

On whether Brandon Jones will return punts

Yeah, as we speak, I'm going to have Brandon handle the punts.

On Chris Davis as the team's punt returner

The ball has been on the ground too much for Chris.  You know, he needs to take a deep breath, continue to work and continue to work at the receiver position.  It's an important time of the season right now.  We have to make sure the ball is secure.

On Chris Davis' fumble

I think in that particular case, unfortunately for Chris, it probably would have happened to anybody.  The helmet was placed on the ball, and he didn't see the defender coming.  He'll be fine.  He's going to be a good player.  I like his attitude.  But it's time to let him take a deep breath, and I'll stay with Brandon.

On personal foul penalties on special teams plays by Daniel Loper and Donnie Nickey

You don't want to see it.  Danny was trying to peel back.  He was trying to do everything he can to cut the runner loose, didn't hear the whistle, and it's just bad timing.  Those are the little things in a win, much bigger things in losses.  Those are the things that obviously we have to dwell on and put it behind us.

On Chris Henry's hesitation in bringing the ball out of the end zone on the kickoff

In most instances when there's hesitation or there's instances that happen on the field I'll discuss it with the player. That's my philosophy.

On if Reynaldo Hill is less physical than Nick Harper

Well, Rey had a good week of practice. They made a concerted effort to go after Rey. He had opportunities to make plays and didn't make them. He was in position, he did play hard. I expect Nick to come back.

On Vince Young using critics as motivation

No, I think what motivates him first and foremost is winning. That's his passion - for winning. That's first and foremost and playing well. Aside from that, there's always I think in peoples' careers whatever you do where people have been critical of you or second-guessed you and there's always a point when you want to prove people wrong. There's nothing wrong with that.

On lack of pass rush

They were not going to let us pressure the passer. They're very talented offensively from a staff standpoint. They three-step, they play-action protect and they max protect. They were not going to let our four down linemen get to the passer. That was their plan.

On if he then considers bringing more outside pressure

Well, there are instances when you can and instances when you can't. If you're going to send six and they're blocking seven, you've got issues down the field. I thought Jim's (Schwartz) decision at that point to call the pressure was great because you knew the protection based on the personnel grouping on the field was not going to be set in max protection and we took advantage of it. But what happens once you get the hit on the quarterback? They go right back to max protection.

On his reaction to an alleged incident between Pacman Jones and Albert Haynesworth over the weekend

I am currently gathering facts. It doesn't appear to me to be anything of substance. I'm not going to dwell on it. If I get more information, I'll deal with it in-house.