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Tennessee Titans @ Denver Broncos Defensive Recap

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What is he doing?
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The Titans defense really needs Albert Haynesworth.

Hopefully sometime this week Albert Haynesworth will quit fighting with Pacman and get back on the practice field. The Titans defense looks like version 2006 without Haynesworth eating up the middle of the line. Through the first 8 games of the season the Titans gave up 66 rushing yards per game. They have given up 166 in each of the last 2 games. That is 100 more yards per game, for those of you scoring at home. Bringing Haynesworth back next year, whether by franchise tag or long term deal, is really the only choice the Titans have at this point. There is not another defensive tackle on this roster that is a quality starter. They are all only valuable as part of a rotation.

Not only does Haynesworth being out hurt the run defense, it kills the pass rush as well. I think the Titans hit Jay Cutler one time last night, and that was on a nickel blitz. The front 4 couldn't get off blocks to get in the backfield. Teams focus all of their extra blockers on Kyle Vanden Bosch, which pretty much takes him out of the game, because they don't have to worry about any of the other guy.

I do not believe that Reynaldo Hill is the 3rd best corner on this team. Why did the Titans bring in Kelly Herndon if they were just going to keep him behind Captain Can't Find the Ball or Tackle? Hill seems to always be in position to make the play but never actually make the play. He was in great position to make the stop on Andre Hall's (who?) 62 yard touchdown run last night and just whiffed on the tackle.

Hill was not the only Titans player that had trouble tackling last night. Every player on the defense missed a tackle on Brandon Marshall when he was running back in forth across the field on a reverse. Michael Griffin and Chris Hope, two of the better tacklers on this team, both had trouble getting guys on the ground all night.

We should be praying long and hard that Haynesworth is back for this week's game in Cincinnati. The Bengals offense is better than the last 2 offenses that have embarrassed this defense.